Other functions from aGrUM

Random functions

pyAgrum.initRandom(unsigned int seed=0)

Initialize random generator seed.

Parameters:seed (int) – the seed used to initialize the random generator
Returns:a random number between 0 and 1 included (i.e. a proba).
Return type:double
pyAgrum.randomDistribution(int n)
Parameters:n (int) – The number of modalities for the ditribution.
Return type:a random discrete distribution.

OMP functions

Returns:True if OMP has been set at compilation, False otherwise
Return type:bool
pyAgrum.setNumberOfThreads(unsigned int number)

To avoid spare cycles (less then 100% CPU occupied), use more threads than logical processors (x2 is a good all-around value).

Returns:number – the number of threads to be used
Return type:int
Returns:the number of logical processors
Return type:int
Returns:the max number of threads
Return type:int